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Groovy module adds Groovy capabilities to Magnolia.

Following some ideas

  • store scripts similar to the templates in the templates workspace
    • or extra workspace, or resources?
  • special property to execute on startup
    • can be used for repairing
  • add support for groovy template/paragraph models
    • make properties accessible in freemarker: model.prop
    • one can select the script in the in-place template's dialog?
  • add support for bean notation for content
    • similar to their xml support
    • content.child.@property
  • add handy closure support
    • content.visit(){..}
  • add builder support
  • add scripted commands
    • make sure that they can be used easily in the observation, schedule and workflow module
    • use case example: archive news & events
  • add the groovy servlet to support scripted servlets
  • add support for data module importers
    • combine the nice xml support with the builder!