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Page locking alerts you if someone else is already editing a page you wish to edit.
See MGNLSLOCK-1@jira (was formerly MAGNOLIA-88@jira)

Soft Locking module provides concurrent editing capabilities.

0Soft Locking module


  • Magnolia has no explicit moment when you enter or leave the edit mode

Potential Solution

  • We should not use jcr locking but a soft locks
  • We could to use the preview button to toggle locking or unlocking
  • The pages are always opened in preview mode and pressing the edit button toggles to edit mode (lock).
  • The page polls then (by using ajax requests) and as soon no request reaches the server the the page is unlocked (no user action)
  • If a page is locked you still see the edit button but with a warning. If a user wants to he can none the less enter the edit mode.


A) lock only if you open a dialog


  • user A edits page x
  • user B edits page x
    • user B gets a warning about A editing the same page
    • does user A get a warning about B editing the same page?
  • user A is done with editing and saves page x
    • does user B gets a warning about A having savd the page?
  • user A clicks on preview
    • does user B gets a message about A releasing the lock?