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PUT /v1/shop/{shopName}/carts/current/items/{itemID}itemIndex}?quantity={quantity}
  • Updates a cart item (quantity)
  • See ShopSigletonParagraphTemplateModelShopUtil.updateItemQuantity()
  • NOTE: Items in the Magnolia shopping cart are have been referenced with the product id... and the index. Product id is usually good enough to identify the cart item. But since the Magnolia shop allows options (e.g. size, color...) two products with different options configuration can be added and will produce separate cart items. > Maybe this should be refactored and proper cart item ids should be introduced?To simplify we're using the itemIndex now.

Delete a cart item

Code Block
DELETE /v1/shop/{shopName}/carts/current/items/{itemIDitemIndex}
  • removes a cart item from the cart
  • See ShopSigletonParagraphTemplateModel.updateItemQuantity()
  • probably not needed > updating the quantity to 0 does exactly the same