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  • remoting to Magnolia is nearly impossible
  • move to JCR security in 4.5 left core intertwined with jaas module
  • testing with security enabled is currently impossible
  • replacing jackrabbit with other JCR implementation is not possible


  • Provide Interface only module for RMI/JNDI access
  • Separate JCR implementation from core.
  • Allow testing with security enabled (not possible since 4.5)

Current Status

  • there's 115 interfaces in core currently
    • not all would need to go, but most should
  • 17 classes accessing JR API directly in core
    • excluding jcr.commons, but 
    • including org.apache.jackrabbit.JcrConstants
  • 2 classes accessing JR API directly in jaas

Open Questions / Discussion

API/Interfaces module

  • keep the package or change the package and have original interface still in core extending the new one?
    • having same package in multiple jars is confusing
    • having multiple extends complicates hierarchy and would eventually end up in some conflict
    • decision: change packages, do not provide extends, instead provide ppl with guide on what interface changed to what
      • What is new package name? info.magnolia.api
  • do we restrict it to interfaces only? 
    • commonly used classes need to be accessible to <jcr-impl>-provider module which should not depend on core
    • core test jar have to depend on "some" (JR?) <jcr-impl>-provider to allow for security testing in core
    • if this module contains implementations as well as interfaces it will be useless for RMI/JNDI purposes

Content of the new Module (if we move classes along the interfaces):

  • interface/classes
    • Context
      • SystemContext
        • ThreadDependentSystemContext
      • UserContext
      • WebContext
    • MgnlException
    • BeanMerger
      • just the interface or also impl?
    • Path
      • getUniqueLabel methods talking HierarchyManager and Content should stay in core or dropped completely
      • in use by jackrabbit-provider
    • MgnlNodeType
    • ACL
    • Permission
      • in use by jackrabbit-provider
    • UrlPattern
      • in use by jackrabbit-provider
    • AccessManager
    • AccessManagerImpl
      • in use by jackrabbit-provider
    • ContentRepository
      • in use by jackrabbit-provider
    • RepositoryConstants
    • VirtualURIMapping
    • SystemProperty
    • i.m.repository
      • RepositoryManager
      • RepositoryConstants
      • RepositoryMapping
      • WorkspaceMapping
      • DefaultRepositoryManager (should stay in core)
      • Provider
      • RepositoryDefinition
      • RepositoryMappingDefinition
      • RepositoryMappingDefinitionReader
      • WorkspaceMappingDefinition


    • Currently JR deps are in core, but security impl is in jaas. That makes it impossible to run RepoTestCase w/ security enabled
    • Direct JR dependency also makes it impossible to completely replace JR w/ other JCR impl
    • JR-Provider module would consist of
      • ProviderImpl class
    • few packages & few classes already deprecated in anticipation of the split
      • MagnoliaAccessManager
      • MagnoliaAccessProvider
      • MagnoliaACLEditor
    • dependencies (that currently exist in core and are in use by jackrabbit related code)
      • security related
        • AccessManager
        • AccessManagerImpl
        • Permission
        • UrlPattern
        • ACL
      • basic utils
        • Path
        • SystemProperty
        • ContentRepository

          • should not be used !!!!
        • i.m.repository.*
        • LifetimeJCRSession
    • All classes above except ProviderImpl are deprecated and could be moved
    • All classes here incl. ProviderImpl are used by us only and not extended by anyone
    • Move to separate module


  • Dependencies on (current) core:
    • PrincipalList
    • ACL
    • ACLImpl
    • Entity
    • GroupList
    • PrincipalCollection
    • PrincipalCollectionImpl
    • RoleList
    • Realm
    • RealmCallback
    • BooleanUtil  (umm, really???)
    • User
    • SecurityUtil
    • MgnlUser
    • MgnlUserManager
    • SecuritySupport
    • UserManager
    • jackrabbit.ValueFactoryImpl
  • JackrabbitAuthenticationModule

    • should move to jackrabbit-provider-module
    • dependencies
      • ContentRepository
      • PrincipalUtil
      • User
      • UserManager
      • Context
      • MgnlContext
      • MagnoliaConfigurationProperties
      • Components
  • MagnoliaAuthenticationModule
    • is this used anywhere?
  • MagnoliaJRAdminPrincipal
    • should move to jackrabbit-provider-module


    • i.m.beanCoder
      • MgnlNode, MgnlProperty, MgnlValue
      • used by workflow
      • should go w/ replacement or be moved in m_workflowChannel
      • should get accompanied by Site, Theme, Domain from STK
      • 5 different impls under info.magnolia.cms.beans.config
      • should get their own package
      • maybe whole VURIM should get own module to be allowed develop further (support for virtual hierarchies discussed in forum more then once)jcr.registry
      • SessionProvider, DefaultSessionProvider, SessionProviderRegistry
      • doesn't seem to be used at all
      • we seem to use i.m.repository.* instead
      • get rid of it?
      split core-compatibility from core
    • *HierarchyManager
    • *NodeData
    • Query*
    • etc.
    • just a jar, not module
      • what is the benefit?
      • is it worth the effort?


  • Split API/kernel module from core
    • this module should contain all the interfaces necessary for starting up the repo and common classes necessary for startup (e.g. Listener registered in web app)
  • jndi or <jcr-impl>-provider modules should contain concrete implementations necessary for startup of the repo with given JCR implementation or by connecting to remote repository
  • magnolia-jaas module should contain all security related interface implementations and utilitites
  • renaming
    • jaas module should be renamed to magnolia-security (please note this is just a maven module, not magnolia module)
    • ideally magnolia-core would be renamed to magnolia-cms-core to signify better its purpose - having core running gives you naked cms engine, while other "modules" are just infrastructure for the cms engine
  • jackrabbit related code should be moved from core and jaas into jackrabbit-provider-module (should not be magnolia module)
  • (maven) dependencies resolution
    • API/kernel doesn't depend on anything
    • jcr-impl provider depends on API/kernel
    • magnolia-security depends on API/kernel
    • core depends on API/Kernel
    • nether of latter 3 modules depend on each other. Resolution of concrete implementations happens at runtime
    • core-test jar would depend on jackrabbit-provider-module and magnolia-security (means all our tests run against jackrabbit, with security fully configured)

Comments from 1st review

  • Philipp: dependency (or lack thereof) between core and jackrabbit-provider seems to be backwards and doesn't feel right

Comments from 2nd review


  • API stays minimalistic and interfaces only
  • in the future plan split of core to core and kernel (startup, ioc, also minimalistic)
  • where will be the tests and RepoTestCase is still the question, prefer to stay in core/kernel
  • Next steps:
    • start preparatory work
    • next review after exploratory branch builds up and starts up

Followup tasks

  • magnolia-jndi review & rework
  • modeshape-provider-module reimplementation for 4.5