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  1. Re: Integration

    maybe just "attractive way optimized by the marketing team for sales".
  2. Re: Integration

    Lets try to say something like "a way optimized to generate sales" or something that emphasizes the biz benefit of using magnolia to show PIM content.
  3. Re: Concept Demo-Content

    for marketing reasons extra demo features for sales etc release of STK would not force re-releasing of demo content Disadvantages: STK bundle
  4. Re: App Week

    Management Project Management Referral Marketing Sales Automation Search Advertising Search Engine Optimization Social Analytics
    Product Development / … / App Week2013-04-30
  5. Sitecore_Mobile_whitepaper.pdf

     Professionals  17  Summary  19  About Digitaria  20  About Sitecore  20                      4  Executive Summary  With sales of mobile devices surpassing PCs … . In doing so,  Sitecore drives true results such as increased  loyalty, higher sales, fewer support calls and  higher customer satisfaction.   The Sitecore solution
  6. Contact

    Reach out to your Magnolia Sales point of contact or Magnolia Customer Success Manager first to find the right consulting package for you. Feel free to drop us an email at Learn more about Magnolia at
    Professional Services2019-12-16
  7. FAQ

    partner, contact them first. If you have a Magnolia Sales PoC or in touch with a Magnolia Customer Success Manager, reach out to them regarding this service … partner, Magnolia Sales PoC or Magnolia Customer Success Manager to find the right consulting package for you. Support First, identify the type of issue you
    Professional Services2019-12-16
  8. VWO_SmartStats_technical_paper.pdf

    of computing a posterior on ci, ri and vi. 10.1 Notation In a given A/B test, let nA represent the number of visitors in variation A, cA the numer of sales … time of the second A/B test. 14.1 Test - A/A test To begin I ran an A/A test comparing a sales process with a 5% conversion rate and a mean of 25$ revenue/sale
  9. Developers_Guide_8th.pdf

    157 Mobile Advertising 158 Indirect Sales 159 Marketing And Promotion 160 Strategy 161 What Can You Earn? 162 Appstores 163 Basic Strategies To Get High 164 … a route to mar- ket, but also specific features such as sales and download statis- tics, advertisement and a direct feedback channel for customers. The store
  10. Magnolia Professional Services

    on Magnolia Professional Services, contact your Magnolia Sales PoC/Customer Success Manager to find the right consulting package for you. favourite favourite
    Professional Services2020-01-15