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  1. Concept - App Framework and Sub Apps

      ContentWorkbenchPresenter vs WorkBenchPresenter ActionBar, ImageProvider (basically everything in the Constructor is also relevant for Non-ContentSubApps) should not be depending on ContentWorkbench, but rather a superclass WorkBenchPresenter (ContentWorkbenchPresenter extends WorkbenchPresenter) SubApp Configuration
    Magnolia Development2013-01-29
  2. Concept - Documentation of key UI constructs

    and assembles the toolbar, the viewModes, the searchbox and the statusBar. WorkbenchPresenter reads its definition and gets all of the contentPresenters and their views - orchestrates the assembly. A WorkbenchPresenter is most often the child of a BrowserPresenter or a WorkbenchChooseDialogPresenter. Each contentview has
    Magnolia Development2013-08-30
  3. Concept - Status bar in subapps

    by WorkbenchPresenter view.getSelectedView().getContainer().addItemSetChangeListener updates statusBarPresenter string template for item/selection count is hard … in WorkbenchPresenter reacts to selection events as well as workbench resync we try to reuse the eventBus for less tight coupling - we get it from the workbench presenter (can
    Magnolia Development2013-08-23
  4. JCR-agnostic content apps

    , selection info)   Extending the workbench It is almost impossible to replace/extend small parts of the workbench e.g. hooking a custom WorkbenchPresenter … Browser / Workbench apis Define responsibilities of components from BrowserSubApp down to WorkbenchPresenter we leave ContentPresenters as much unchanged
    Magnolia Development2014-03-05
  5. Injection of DataSource within sub-app components

    getDataSourceManager(); } As long as datasource is something that many components of sub app might be requiring (e.g. BrowserPresenter, WorkbenchPresenter, ImageProvider etc
    Magnolia Development2014-02-20
  6. Magnolia UI dependency injection architecture

    UntargettedBindings). Classes like WorkbenchPresenter for instance impose certain problems for the ContextResolvingProvider creating a danger of circular dependencies: un-annotated type is bound to the ContextResolvingProvider which may pick e.g. WorkbenchPresenter binding that is bound to the WorkbenchPresenter itself
    Magnolia Development2017-05-04
  7. Concept - Move Item

      UX Concept: Still to check Can i just inject the workbenchPresenter? NO. Should i have
    Magnolia Development2013-09-02
  8. 0001-jcr-free-browser-subapp.patch

    From 19c02f2782172faca69af706164cb4265a4fe525 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Aleksandr Pchelintcev <> Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2014 09:52:15 +0200 Subject: [PATCH] Preparing patch --- magnolia-ui-actionbar/pom.xml | 5 + .../magnolia/ui/actionbar/ActionbarPresenter
  9. Handling completion of an Action

    expanding on programmatic selection. Options ContentChangeEvent includes property: isPropertyChange All of these select methods (WorkbenchPresenter
    Magnolia Development2014-02-05
  10. Concept - Content app framework improvements

    action availability (hide, disable) based on node type and/or role.   Workbench Extract WorkbenchPresenter and WorkbenchView from the content app framework
    Magnolia Development2013-12-16