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  1. Replacement for ActionBar

    I. Intro  Create a POC which implements a ControlPanel to replace current ActionBar POC requested via  Mockup … /implementation). This ControlPanel  should be used as 1-1 replacement wherever a ActionBar  need to be removed. Main component of ControlPanel  is a TabSheet. TabPanel
    Product Development2020-06-22
  2. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  3. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  4. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  5. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  6. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  7. actionBar_en_ko_crop.png

  8. mockup_ActionBar UI.png

    auto-generated by Balsamiq Mockups. DO NOT REMOVE auto-generated by Balsamiq Mockups. DO NOT REMOVE
  9. mockup_ActionBar UI.bmml

    <mockup version="1.0" skin="sketch" fontFace="Balsamiq Sans" measuredW="1036" measuredH="529" mockupW="952" mockupH="519"> <controls> <control controlID="0" controlTypeID="com.balsamiq.mockups::BrowserWindow" x="84" y="10" w="952" h="519" measuredW="450" measuredH="400" zOrder="0" locked="false" isInGroup="-1">
  10. Concept - Action Popup (AKA Secondary Menu, Context Menu)

    to an Actionbar in that it is a vertical list of actions with the same appearance. An ActionPopup is used in the following cases: Right click on a an item in a tree, list, thumbnail view. Here the actions will be a limited subset of the actions in the Actionbar for the browser subapp. (Usually less then 5) Click on a "more
    Magnolia Development2013-05-07