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  1. 5.3

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    Magnolia 5.4 documentation / … / Feeds2016-11-04
  2. MLA-Magnolia-5.3.pdf

    Version 5.3 1/17 Magnolia® is a registered trademark of Magnolia International Ltd. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Definit ions Unless otherwise specifically … disclosing the Confidential Information to the Recipient Party. Version 5.3 2/17 Magnolia® is a registered trademark of Magnolia International Ltd. 1.10
  3. Release notes for Magnolia 5.3

    With Magnolia 5.3 we move from platform delivery to feature delivery. The platform is now mature and solid so we can ship new features that add value for users … . Messages don't have a status or assignee. Finding out what is going on requires a lot of messaging between the recipients. With Magnolia 5.3 we start using tasks
  4. Magnolia 5.3 Documentation

  5. Magnolia 5.3 documentación

    en español
  6. Magnolia 5.3 documentation

    Magnolia 5.3 reached end of life on June 30, 2017. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy. Start Installing Community Edition Installing Enterprise Edition Quick guide to creating a site Authoring License Develop Development environment My first content app  My first
  7. Magnolia 5.3 documentación

    Esta documentación corresponde a Magnolia 5.3 en castellano y contiene sólo parte del total de los contenidos. Para la documentación completa consulte la versión en inglés o la documentación de Magnolia 5.4 para una versión mas reciente.   Bienvenido a la documentación en castellano de Magnolia. Puedes empezar con
  8. Unconference 2014: New 5.3 Features - a closer look (eg Personalization)

    This unconference session basically consited of a small presentation of the new 5.3 features (personalization, workflow & tags-manager) and the main 5.3 improvements (mainly UI-related & JCR-agnostic content apps). Links: 5.3 blog post:
    Community Wiki2014-06-30
  9. _Javadoc 5.0 - 5.3.x Magnolia 5.3 Magnolia 5.3 API ui-project 5.3 API
  10. 5.3

    Magnolia 5.5 documentation / … / Feeds2017-11-13