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Official Documentation Available

This topic is now covered in Workflow.

Workflow engine


In adminCentral Configuration/modules/workflow/config/flows/activation/value
the value of the workflow definition is displayed . You should not touch this value. Its an open but undocumented (yet) issue.
The issue is that the default tree has a single line textfield as its value widget instead of a (maybe single line) textarea or - much better - a custom GUI based on some meta data for each node to be edited.
However, the value displayed is having multiple lines. When you copy/past a multiline value here, it will not be saved correctly.
Also note that Configuration:modules/workflow/config/flows/activation/value is not used and its value is corrupted (in 3.0 RC2)

Changing the workflow definition

The correct way to change the workflow definition is to use "workflow upload" available under the Tool menu.

If you check Configuration:modules/admininterface/commands/website you will see a chain of commands that are executed when something is activated in that tree, namely first add a version, then start a flow named "activation" then display an alert to notify you that something has happened and a workitem should be in someones inbox eventually.

(You can compare this to the DMS where apparently no version is added upon activation)

The workflow named "activation" that gets started when you activate (see previous config) is this one here:

respectively your local copy a displayed in the list of workflows (Tools:Workflow list).

You can copy this WF and adapt it, then use the upload tool to make it available.

Editing an OpenWFE workflow definition

Your favourite text editor might be ideal for editing workflow definitions. But other tools are available :

A link to OpenWFE process definitions doc for those who want to grok it.


If you want to route a publication approval to your "chris" user, make sure that the process definition states

    <participant ref="user-chris" />

The other special participants listed above will put the workitem into the inbox of any user in group "groupname" etc.


Commands are configured via the admin central, a command name is linked to a Java implementation.

For example, you could write a command that encapsulates the decision who (or which group or role) should receive the workitem next. The name of the "real participant" could be placed in a workitem field (for example 'receiver').

Inside of a process instance, commands are passed a CommandContext which is an instance of WorkItemContext.

The process definition snippet would look like :

        <participant ref="command-determinereceiver" />
        <participant field-ref="receiver" />

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