Magnolia Compatibility



Allows to comfortably configure vanity URLs like, without requiring the user to have write-access to the config workspace. Also creates QR codes, which can be used for offline sharing and mobile testing.




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Download JAR

For Magnolia 5.4.x and 5.5.x: Download from Nexus

For Magnolia 5.6.x and 5.7.x: Download from Nexus





  1. Hi Frank. 

    Creates a unique QR per url? 

  2. Hi Gavan Stockdale

    yes it should always generate the same QR code image for the same URL, and by definition two equal QR code images must result in the same URL. Whether or not the same URL will result in the same QR code image depends on what the library does, but it would have to have special randomization code in order to not always generate the same QR code image (smile)

  3. Hi,

    do you have any experience with multilanguage sites?
    It would be nice to automatically redirect a visitor to the right language version, depending on his browser language.

    For example something like this: -> if german user -> -> if english user -> 

    Any ideas how this could be made?

    1. You could possible define an other uri mapping which redirects the user by its language to perhaps to /xmas_de which is mapped as vanity url.

  4. Nice! Could you please update the "Download JAR" to the latest version? The one linked requires standard-templating-kit...


    1. The download link was updated.

  5. Hi Frank,

    is this also suitable for Magnolia 5.3? (big grin)

    1. Version 1.3.2 is the last version for M5.3.x

  6. Hi,

    We want to use this app in Magnolia 6. for URL rewriting. Is it compatible with version 6.1.2 (as this version is not listed in the compatibility table on top of the page) ?

    1. Hi,
      I tried to run the module in M6.1.2 and it works. Only the icon has a little different look. (wink)