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  • Demo the Content Tuner app
  • Get improvement ideas

Discussion items

  • Andrew Warinner gave an overview of the Content Tuner app
  • App does two types of checks:
    • Preflight check before publishing a page, such as checking that metadata properties are filled or to validate HTML
    • Live checks that requires a public URL (page must be published) as most SEO API services require.
  • You can plug in your own checks or use a third-party validation services
    • Easiest services to integrate are those that have a Web API that returns a JSON representation of the validation results
    • Page scraping a web UI is possible with JSoup (Content Tuner uses JSoup to check rendered pages for meta properties)
  • Advantages of the app:
    • You can check a whole page tree. Performance not measured yet, you'd have to try.
    • You can perform the checks automatically when you publish or save a page


  • Ability to show only relevant validation results to the user. For example, don't show HTML errors to editors because they can't fix them. Show them to front-end developers. Tie visibility of tests to user group/role.
  • Ability to click navigate from the results directly to the missing field.
  • Ability to include the check in an approval workflow.
  • Ability to export the validation results to Excel or some generic format.