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This session was organized as a followup to the conference presentation: Integrating Magnolia with E-Commerce Platforms: Patterns, Strategies, Pitfalls.

The discussion included among other things:

  • Many people are integrating Hybris.
  • The challenges and pitfalls of working with Hybris.
  • People want to see more "how to integrate correctly" showcases from Magnolia.
  • People are working on Magnolia integrations with Kona Kart and IBM smartcommerce at the moment.
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  1. Would love to see a link to git for this prototype you made for hybris connection.

    1. Hi Marvin, 

      more resources are coming soon. I will keep u informed.

  2. Interesting! From our ( point of view I think we would be most interested in a Magento - Magnolia integration. It's already there I guess ( but we have not had the time to really look into it. I would be interested in people who have.

    I am also interested in anyone who has looked into CATO Commerce   at all (the OFBiz - Magnolia suite)? Looks promising, but maybe a little on the complex side for most of our needs.

    PS: We did do some KonaKart integration in the past (waaay back) but never took it any further.

    I think it might be good to start by creating an overview (table) of the current Magnolia eCommerce initiatives out there? Possibly with some ideas about for which cases a certain eCommerce solution might be most appropriate (and when not). And I would then include Magnolia's Shop Module there as well.