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Demo of the bpmn workflow editor (publication workflow)


Is this a 5.5 feature?

Yes. In future you will be able to do everything in this that you can do in workflow today.

Can you kick off processes with for example the publication of content?

This is a manual start in the demo but different starts are available in BPMN (based on events, schedules, etc). We use JBPM as a workflow engine. 

Are the BPMN files stored in the JCR repo?

The workflow editor module creates a repo and extracts everything form a jar. Loader loads from the JCR and not the classpath anymore.The core code had to be overridden to be able to do this.

How many customers need custom workflows?

Lots of translations custom workflows. Lots of 6-eye workflows (e.g. for legal purposes). Workflows related to uploading or deleting digital assets. Translation workflows.

Can we have workflows for custom content apps?

Yes. It can be configured.

Is it possible to monitor the workflow execution (Process status, average execution of a task, ...)?

Average time etc. Every step can be tracked. We already have an application tracking the different process status.
We will provide a one to monitor the different task within a future version of the workflow editor.

When you have human tasks, can they triggered from the public instance? E.g. user fills in a form in the public instance, can a workflow be triggered from there?

Yes, different workflows on author, staging and public for example. Public user contacts the public instance and the public instance contacts the author instance to trigger a workflow. Custom endpoint.

Can we view the items that are going through the workflow ?

yes: you can check all processes ongoing, where workflow is pending, calculate the time being taken, etc.

Does it check the BPMN notation?

Yes: there is a validator in the workflow editor.

Can a workflow be imported as a sub workflow?

It's possible to do it in intelliJ or eclipse but not in the editor yet. In the next version.

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  1. Hi, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, is there some documentation available somewhere on the new workflow editor?

        1. The documentation is not yet ready to be published on the public wiki.

          However, we can organize a Skype and quick have a look at it ? 

          1. We can wait for the official documentation, thx!