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How to handle CSS and JS and polyfills.

Tomas: keep JS and CSS separately.

Would it makes sense to have a framework level builld convention.

Convention would not work - becaus things are evolving too fast.

Suggestion: a webresources. 

Could we create a set of conventions for each library: Bootstrap - Foundation.

Always tune the module anyways. So NPM not so helpful. Tune the CSS. Mattias

Difference between a showcase and a REAL NPM module. Needs to be updatable. Mattias.

Hard to make a light module that you can use it as it is.

Hard to configure it. Hard to parameratize it.

Hard to be java free.(Custom validator. In Java)

Refers to companyFN.

Missing ways to provide a theme across different modules. For example one light module wants to add image variation sizes.

The include mechanism can help here.

What keeps you from publishing on npm? Tomas?

Conventions would be good starting out. Starting point. 

Why not sharing? npm? Git?

Problems with sharing: Intellectual property.

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