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A short description on customers concerns and discussion points during session.

  • Modules dependencies and VH running sequence, modules installation sequence
    • Modules dependencies (described in module description XML file) need more public documentation and developer guidelines 
      • should we 'unify' Maven dependency with module dependency
      • how we (customer's developers) can 'see' existing dependency tree to make their right customization (more intuitive assist)
    • More details about version handlers, bootstrapping and start up process, 
      • how could we have an after install task to do our stuffs for instance
      • how could we temporarily disable bootstrapping of a developing module, well, just for development purpose (wink)
    • Open API for pre/post VH, before/after system start up tasks
  • Rescue support, 
    • Groovy for rescuing, 
    • disabling a module temporary and how it works with all related dependencies
    • Efficiently use Groovy and compare Groovy to traditional VH tasks when migrating projects
  • VH in actions
    • Support for high collaboration team where minor versions were not very stable
    • Best practices for Bootstrapping big binary data item
    • Hot-fixes and patches installation for 5-6 public instances
  • Un-installing a module and system wide clean up scheduled tasks
  • Conflict between partners' customized modules, VHs, data with our existing ones, how to help/resolve them

All in all, people kind of appreciate Magnolia VHs for the automatic upgrading and migrating within maintenance and support release even though there were still some conflicts with their customized one. At least we have had an action toward a more sustainable system.

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