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NOW intro

  • continuous integration best practices and know how in the cloud

  • enterprise offering with 3 environments: integration > uat > live
  • 3 stage dev process ensures the live env is safe while innovation continues in int and uat


  • Q: Is it possible to ramp up instances at peak times? e.g. 30 servers usually, 250 on the weekend. Scalability- contact the ops team for now, soon you can do it yourself. Also auto scalability soon for variable traffic. Key point for large installations.
    A: Unexpected peaks of traffic are not detected by AWS - challenging topic but we’re thinking about different approaches (CDN…). 


  • Q: How long is it locked during snapshot deployment  from the git repo? What happens when there are two concurrent users?
    A: Use jenkins to agregate commits for example. Main use case is you test the latest commit. 
  • Q: How do we integrate with other services? Oracle MSQL, database services. Will this be custom built or provided by Magnolia?
    A: Front end integrations are possible. Backend integrations will be provided in future. 
  • Q: Which workspace? Can we create our own workspaces with a light module?
    A: Just the website workspace at the moment. We have some experimental features ongoing.
  • Q: Can content be copied bottom to top as well as top to bottom?
    A: We have a feature called "clone content" which copies content from Live to the other environments, so top to bottom.
  • Q: Is the JCR index copied ?
    A: This is a challenge when restoring backups - if you have a lot of data it can take some time. 
  • Q: Who manages hosting - AWS or internal team?
    A: We manage it. 
  • Q: Is there a playground to test? can a client contact you directly?
    A: Talk to us and we'll set it up. Point the customer to our sales team. (smile)
  • Q: How can I test my own product on Magnolia NOW? Would magnolia test it for me?
    A: We'll talk more after.
  • Is Magnolia NOW strategically important for Magnolia?

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