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Jan Haderka

Are you using the CLI? Is there something missing?

  • content types and app creation
    • coming in the next months in Magnolia
    • later in the CLI

In companies with BE+FE teams, the CLI seems less useful, because FE devs work on isolated HTML. Does it make sense for BE devs to use it?

  • yes, it does speed development up, cf. last year's conference talk
  • although BE devs can be afraid of installing Node, which is alien to them

Can we manage instances using the CLI?

  • no, it's only about speeding up development. To speed up system administration, use NOW.

YAML bootstraps are now supported, this solves the pain of dealing with XML bootstraps

  • for binary files, however, YAML is slower. But it's anyway disabled by default
  • coming with 5.5.5

Is it possible to have a finer management of availability in the CLI?

  • it would need to be present in LD first.
  • this is still a need for a few customers

Can we use Groovy in LM?

  • in theory yes, however, it is unsecure. Use JS Models instead.

Image variations can be configured using light development, through YAML themes.

How to get the content easily in JSON?

  • with jsonfn

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