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Existing materials

Please see Magnolia docs for an overview of the Magnolia demo project:

There are demo-tomcat bundles and wars for community edition and enterprise edition. To find them - search our nexus ( for the following terms. (For the enterprise editions you will need to be logged in to find them)

Bundles which include tomcat (making them very simple to get started with.)

  • Community
    • magnolia-community-demo-bundle
  • Enterprise
    • enterprise-pro-demo-bundle


  • Community
    • magnolia-community-demo-webapp
  • Enterprise
    • magnolia-enterprise-standard-demo-webapp
    • magnolia-enterprise-pro-demo-webapp

Issue description

I want to use the live demo to show Magnolia to a prospect but:

  • Demo doesn't have all the modules. Only some features are demonstrable.
  • Demo is reset every 30 minutes.
  • Setting up a Magnolia instance on my own machine takes time and effort.
  • It would be great if this was integrated into a regularly updated WAR file or docker image, featuring the current Magnolia version. 
  • Having the source code of this demo magnolia system available as a Git repo would also be very helpful, so we could quickly extend it when necessary.
  • Having a JIRA project to track would be helpful


  • Magnolia has an internal ticket to deploy the current development state continuously on a test environment.
    • Once the ticket is completed, share the mechanism and process so that partners can adapt it to deploy the latest release to their own infrastructure. (Antti) 
  • Idea: How about a pick-and-choose "bundler" where I can choose which modules I want to include?

Requsted features to demo

  • new Stories App Update: (Will be available soon)
  • new Workflow Editor 
  • Content Connector example
    • I think training material contains a Flicker DAM connector
    • alternatively, filesystem connector would demonstrate the concept fine as well
  • Campaign Publisher Module
  • Marketing Tags (Available now in enterprise bundle.) See:
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Content Dependencies Module enabled in page properties
  • External Forms module
  • Shop integration
    • Shop module in order to stay self-contained and not to prefer a certain product?
    • makes sense only with demo content?
  • Commenting module
    • also enabled on some page in the demo content

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1 Comment

  1. Also having a Docker image with latest release and more complete set of modules would be great. It would solve the 30 minutes problem, and the problem of network access not being reliably available when doing a demo on customer's premises...