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Presenter:  Aleksandr Pchelintcev


  • What is observed in the JCR config workspace, and what not
    • answer: all in config ws is observed
    • if it is not working: report a bug

How config works:

Configuration are resources, there are two different types

  • JCR based
  • YAML based

The resource module reads the resources. The UI frameworks makes sure, definition items defined in these resources are added to its correspondent registry.

On module startup of UI frameworks

  1. The process to scan and register for resources which configure items is initiated.
  2. The cfg resource is is read / parsed and a bean is instantiated.
  3. The bean is added to the correspondent registry.
  4. Resources are observed (both YAML and JCR)
    • changes on resources re-trigger the process (1-3)

Do you want to create a custom resource "mechanism"?

  • Create your own implementation of AbstractFileResourceConfigurationSource

(info) Use the Definitions app to see whether your definitions have "problems".


See Definition decoration - handy way to "customize" / change existing definition items.

Feature request

Code based configuration definition supplemented by DSL builder (Andrey Zavodnik).

Configuration by code

See Configuration by code via generated builder DSL.

What about the YAML extends?


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