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Tomáš Gregovský (CZE) - Senior Front-End developer & Magnolia Front-End team leader. Webdeveloper since 2001, joined Magnolia 5 years ago. Responsible for internal projects such as corporate website ( ), co-author of some Magnolia front-end oriented tools and modules such as CLI, json templating function, resources templating function, bootstrap-framework module, corpblog module, commenting-service module, and many others. Also doing POCs and consultancy for clients and in the meantime front-end oriented workshops and webinars.


Twitter: GregovskyT (don't hesitate to tweet B-) ).

Topic for workshop:

  • cli tool - use it get Magnolia Tomcat Bundle, generate empty LM, create templates
  • 'REST API' - ootb vs. custom endpoint vs. jsonfn

  • JS frameworks - Vuejs (read, write, delete app) & AngularJS (SPA app)
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