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Several topics were discussed:

1. How do you deploy setup data into integration server?
The most straight-forward solution still seems to be bootstrap files. Possibly you set up a separate Magnolia instance to let testers etc maintain data. If you want to automate the pulling of the data use REST API.

2. Get production data to staging server
Either work with nightly DB dumps or setup a shadow public server from which you can pull the data without affecting performance on the real public instances.

3. Backup/restore
Database dumps are quick and dirty, but beware: you should have all data stored in DB which you can only do with Oracle, not with MySQL (?)
Take a look at the Backup module again. It has been reworked substantially (>= 5.4)

4. git sub-module
pro: Developer doesn't get the data when checking out the project.
con: This creates two different versions.

5. Content Importer module
Check out the Content Importer module, which has been developed because with Light Development modules you don't have bootstrapping. It allows you to bootstrap content from the file system into the JCR.

6. Docker
Docker was mentioned but it seems Docker images are not a good way to solve the problems discussed here.

7. Could configuration be stored outside of Magnolia?
Get export of subset of data through clustered repository/shared DB setup?

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