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This is our community wiki and you are very welcome to contribute. Some of the material may be slightly out-of-date, but most of it is probably still very good. If you have any question don't forget to join our mailing lists:

The official resources for learning about Magnolia are:

Getting started

Download Magnolia CMS. Get some perspective.

A selection of links to help you get developing for Magnolia CMS.

Need Help or Services?

Further browsing

Further pages to consider when you get started with Magnolia CMS:



  1. i want to learn the source code ,how to start,this draw me crazy.!

  2. High-Five (smile) zhouhao 

    That's really hard, but sometimes you get something to laugh when you find in the list of Labels "needsreview" as keyword (wink). I look forward, speaking with Magnolia official team members helps to figure out an way through (escape) the Documentation. (big grin)

  3. Guys, thanks for comments! We discuss our wiki internally quite a lot. This is a communication issue to some extent because ideally no one should be STARTING at the wiki. This is why we created the Academy , which in turn leads into documentation.