Adding the Magnolia maven repository into Netbeans will allow you to browse the Magnolia projects, add dependencies and create new Magnolia projects easily from within Netbeans.

It's pretty simple to add the Magnolia repository if you know the correct URLs etc:

1) In Netbeans, open the Maven repository browser window. This is under the Windows->Other->Maven Repository Browser

2) click the "Add repository" icon

3) In the resulting dialog window set the repository id to "magnolia.public.releases", choose "remote" for the repository type and fill in the remote URL with ""

4) Netbeans will now download the repository index, which may take a few seconds.

  • Once the repository has been added you can browse and search the Magnolia repository in the repository window.
  • You can create a new Magnolia project in Netbeans by going to File->New Project->Maven->New project from archetype and then choosing one of the Magnolia project archetypes (webapp or module).
  • You can add add Magnolia products as dependencies to your current project by either right clicking on the dependencies folder of your project and choosing "add dependency" then searching or browsing for the thing you want, or else just use the repository browser to find the thing you're interested in, right click on it and choose "Add as Dependency"
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