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Search Engine Optimisation Module

  • Content checks
  • Pages and any kind of content
  • Style checks
  • SEO app → Best SEO practices
  • Style check app → Grammar / Spelling


Dialog validation vs SEO Auditing

  • All or nothing validation → wrong tool wrong time
  • Multifield validation pain
  • Stored vs rendered content


  • Self-contained check on a piece of content, reporting back results
  • Spell-check of a story
  • HTML syntax of pages
  • Levels of severity: ERROR, WARNING, NOTE

    • Definition auditors - check that the value(s) for a property have been defined. They do not validate the value(s) of the property. 

    • Validation auditors - validate the value(s) for a designated property if the property (or its language variant) have been defined.

      Definitions auditorsValidation auditors

      Single Language




    Complete list:

Commands & actions

  • Dynamic: dialog
  • Fixed: command with list of auditors

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