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REDbot is on-line tool for analysing site responses in terms of server setting, headers and content manipulation.
Module provides facilities to run REDbot analysis against any given site and display the results while browsing the tree or in form of separate reports.

Technical details

The report is stored as a separate data type redbot in the data module. Report itself is created (and updated) by executing info.magnolia.redbot.importer.RedBotImportHandler. Handler will look at all redbot items defined in the data tree and run the analysis against them.
Using automatedExecution feature of the data module, it is possible to refresh all reports periodically. It is also possible to force manual refresh from the Tools/Redbot page, although no feedback (apart from the log file) is provided at the moment about running analysis.

Due to the fact that each page need to be requested and analyzed by the redbot, running analysis might take a while (depending on the size of the site).

While the results are shown in the author instance, the analysis itself is performed against public instance(s). In order to be able to do so, when configuring the redbot data type, one need to provide public url to the site.


Once the analysis is performed, results can be seen in the website tree under the Redbot Report column, assuming the info.magnolia.redbot.tree.RedBotWebsiteTreeConfiguration is used as a website tree configuration class. The report consists of three parts - general, content negotiation and caching. Each part is represented by a separate icon in the tree, and for each there is a contextual help/explanation of the result displayed when hovering cursor over the icon.
Using Tools/Redbot page it is also possible to generate reports in the tm3 format (used by TreeMap Viewer) for overview of whole site at once or in the interactive TreeMap using the Google TreeMap.


Module comes with sample analysis of demo-project and demo-features sites.

Current limitations and possible improvements

  • it is not possible to analyze protected pages (due to the fact that one would need to give passoword to REDbot to access those protected pages)
  • there is no feedback about the fact that analysis might be in progress (apart from the log file)
  • public url needs to be configured directly in the type (should be possible to retrieve from site configuration)
  • module/report is not aware/capable of url shortening (again something that could be done once integrated tighter with site concept)
  • parallelization of the analysis (at the moment all pages on the site are analyzed sequentially)
  • tests




Google TreeMap:

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