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With Github and co, online software development has improved, and we are updating the Magnolia Forge concept to take advantage of that.


Reduce the load on Magnolia infrastructure and staff. Easier and more "self-service" for contributing developers. More visibility for forge projects, and easier for other developers to contribute to forge projects.

The planned changes

Code hosting 
Move from Magnolia's Bitbucket server to the magnolia-community Github organization.
(Existing Bitbucket projects will be preserved, but we encourage you to migrate them to Github.)

Move from Magnolia's Jira to Github issues.
(Existing Jira projects will be preserved.)

Move from Magnolia's Jenkins server to Travis CI.
(Existing Jenkins jobs will be removed.)

Continue with pages on Magnolia's wiki: Forge modules
(But we encourage you to provide basic or complete Readme files on your Github projects as well. We'll look into Wiki macros to import your Readme files onto the wiki.)

Artifact hosting
Continue with Magnolia's Nexus.
(But contributors have option to deploy to other repositories, too)

Forge module boilerplate
Move to sample projects on Github: forge-community-sample, and forge-enterprise-sample
(Both the Maven Archetype for Forge projects, and the Forge parent poms are deprecated in favor of the simplified approach described on the above Github projects.)

Your move

If you have an existing forge project, but want to move your project to github (yes!), go ahead and submit a new forge request to get access to the magnolia-community organization.

If you need assistance, either comment on this wiki page, or send an email to

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  1. Good to know. I will plan to move my stuff there.