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Page Template


Pages are based on page templates, meaning every page in Magnolia is defined by its according page template.

It contains areas as sub-elements.

Any change made to the page template is instantly available or reflected in Magnolia.

Light Module Structure

└── <module-name>/
    ├── decorations/
├── dialogs/ │ ├── components/ │ └── pages/ │ └── myPageDialogConfiguration.yaml
    ├── decorations/
├── dialogs/

└── templates/ │ ├── components/ │ └── pages/ │ ├── myPageDefinition.yaml │ └── myPageScript.ftl └── webresources

Page Template Definition

A page definition knows which script should be used to render a page.

title: FE One-Pager
templateScript: /onepager-light-module/templates/pages/onepager.ftl
renderType: freemarker
dialog: onepager-light-module:pages/onepager

Exercise 5: Create a Page Template

Please refer to the distributed sheets and perform the exercise.


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