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Those notes were taken by Cedric Reichenbach  and might contain additional items compared to the parent page, coming from side discussions.


• Problem reporting, aggregation

• Chained commands (e.g. search X with Y and export to Z)

• Towards "digital assistant"

• Show steps of command (how you would do it without assistant, path etc.)

• Google/stock image search if no internal images (or other items) found

• Search history

• Automatic execution

• Wizards for building "queries" (also to learn)

• Clarification wizards

• Priorization based on user, accessibilty, edited in past etc.

• "Sorted by ..."

• Learn based on recent searches/filtering (always "pages by me" -> priorize higher by default)

• Not only open/navigate, but provide information (last published, by whom, ...). Maybe ask for intended action or information

• Configurable, adjustable search UI itself (additional, checkmarks, selects etc. from suppliers)

• Search query in URL

• Favorites, pin results

• "Create ..." command

• Suggest assets based on content (e.g. content editor)

• Natural language processing to extend search (tagging?)

• Similar suggestions/close search (synonym-accelerated search)

• Typo correction ("Did you mean: ...")

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