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Magnolia Monitoring Solution

Presentation from Andrew Warinner on the Magnolia Monitoring Solution

  • This is not a sales pitch (smile)
  • What is it? A monitoring tool for collecting information related to Magnolia
    • How the filter chain performs
    • How fast is the rendering for components
    • How the cache performs
  • The way we solved this is using Grafana and Prometheus
  • Small and lightweight probes that monitor some specific items
  • Examples


  • Filter chain

  • Rendering engine

  • Magnolia Cache

  • Tomcat health

Questions / Answers

  • Q : What kind of probes would you like to have / or use?
    • Lucene indexes : In case of prob, today we recreate the index, information would help us to have a better understand of the problem
  • Q: What kind of tools do you use? Such as Datadog?
    • Use own instrumentation