The Forge is our concept to encourage and support open source development around Magnolia. It provides visibility to your project, and a standard process to follow. Everyone is encouraged to share their code and ideas on the Forge. This includes community as well as Enterprise users.

When we launched it years ago, we provided access to our development infrastructure. Now "the web" provides many great tools, and we've retooled the Forge to take advantage of this lively and familiar environment. So what exactly is "The Forge" today?

To request access to the magnolia-community organization, please send an email to

What can I share on the Forge?

Share any software that will help Magnolia developers or users.

A Magnolia Forge project is often a maven-based Magnolia module that enhances or adds functionality to Magnolia CMS. However you can share any Magnolia related code: light modules with no Java, build tools, IDE extensions, javascript libraries, demo projects or anything else that would be useful to the Magnolia community.

Project naming

To distinguish between products delivered by Magnolia International (the company) and third parties, please use names such as "Foobar", "Foobar for Magnolia", "Foobar (for Magnolia)", or "Foobar Magnolia Module"; whereas Magnolia International's own modules are named "Magnolia Foobar Module". 

Maven specific naming concerns:

  • Short name: foobar would be an example matching the above.
  • Java packages: Your own package structure (org.foobar.<myproject>) or info.magnolia.forge.<myproject> 
  • Group ID: same as above; please use a groupID per-project.

Maven build

To setup your Forge project for Maven, please review the instructions and provided pom.xml files in these two projects:

(Note: Both the Maven Archetype for Forge projects, and the Forge parent poms are deprecated in favor of the simplified approach described on the above projects.)


Bugs and feature requests can be reported here for current modules. However, we encourage Forge contributors to use GitHub Issues instead. Please migrate your existing project at your earliest convenience. 

Forge Projects use the Wrench icon on our JIRA:


Do you have questions or would you like some assistance?

Please comment on this Wiki page, or send an email to

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