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This is a page for input from the Magnoila community on improvements for the Magnolia CLI. 

Please add your suggestions by logging in and adding your comments at the bottom of  this page.
(Need an account? register here!!default.jspa)

The new Magnoila CLI can help a developer at every step of the way in the development process. Already it can grab a magnolia bundle, create a light module and create components among other things. What does the future bring? Could it also help with deployment? With i18n? With finding community components?

Feel free to comment on the comments - discussion is invited - but be nice! - this is a brainstorming / idea gathering exercise. 

Thanks for your input!

ps. If you are curious, you can see what is already in the pipeline here:

What is the Magnolia CLI?

For your reference


(Release Walkthrough video. 3 minutes long)


(Conference video. In depth.)




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  1. My suggestions and ideas are to be found in these JIRA-tickets:  NPMCLI-86 - Getting issue details... STATUS NPMCLI-85 - Getting issue details... STATUS NPMCLI-84 - Getting issue details... STATUS