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Magnolia CLI


Magnolia CLI is an npm package providing a CLI tool to setup and facilitate Light Development with Magnolia.

Installs the mgnl command which allows performing several key operations for Light Development. It enables creating modules, pages, and components without any special IDE or Java requirements

Advantages of Magnolia CLI

Light modules, page, area, and component templates are created automatically.

There is no need to restart the server.

Magnolia CLI Commands

-v, --versionoutput the version number.
-h, --helpoutput usage information.
jumpstartdownload and setup a Magnolia CMS instance for development.
startstart up a Magnolia CMS instance. To stop it, enter CTRL+C.
add-availabilityadd component availability.
buildscans for "magnolia-light-module" and extract to a directory.
create-block create a block.
create-componentcreate a component and optionally add availability for it.
create-light-modulecreate a light module.
create-pagecreate a page template.
create-virtual-uricreate a virtual uri mapping.
Customize-local-configextract "mgnl-cli-prototypes" folder and "mgnl-cli.json" file.
installinstall a light module from npm to the local Magnolia instance.
searchsearch for a light module on npm.
tab-completioninstall tab autocomplete feature for Bash, zsh or PowerShell.
versiondisplay mgnl and node.js versions.
help [cmd]display help for [cmd]


Exercise 3: Create a Light Module Using Magnolia CLI

Please refer to the distributed sheets and perform the exercise.


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