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Main Discussion:

  • Intro by Anja:
    • functional-wise and structure-wise, the header has changed completely:
      • functionality of trinity icons detached (i.e. tasks and messages)
      • find bar is the center piece of the UI
      • favourites are gone for now
    • within apps:
      • usage pattern kept the same as in M5, steep learning curve
      • look & feel completely changed

  • Starting M6 will bring you directly to find bar results
  • Experienced users might expect to have the app launcher when logging in
  • Find bar results will be personalised to the users' preference, thus it should go first
    • currently it is based on the search input only, in future the user's preferences can be calculated based on e.g. opening of apps
    • it's currently based on all users of the instance, in future it will be based on individual users
  • Find bar is a navigation tool as well, once powerusers are adapted, it will be very powerful
  • Toggle between the two
  • Suggestion to include filters in the search term, e.g. regex patterns or “pages:asia” to find all pages containing asia
  • Search term examples: 
    • “open pages app”
    • “find iran tour”
  • Once you are in an app and you hit the find bar, the search is limited to the content within that app - that filter can be easily removed on top
  • Suggestions: search over all, but keep the context on top (e.g. if dinar is initiated from stories, show stories 
  • Kept in one search filter for simplicity
  • Suggestions: Make titles take less space
    • Also: titles and tab labels are duplicates
  • How to have a personalised Admin Central?
    • e.g. placeholder for customer logos, instances, any relevant information
    • CSS styling
  • Compared to M5, user name is not shown anywhere
  • Field descriptions are not rendered currently (they will come back)
  • The grey bar brings you back to the previously open app
  • Suggestion: if working on a page and referenced content need to be updated, how to get there fast? And how to get back quickly?
  • Available icons are limited (available on Magnolia docs), so custom apps can use svg-files (to be documented)
  • Dark mode: currently Magnolia recommends browser plugins ...
  • Secret Santa brings a nostalgic mode: ./magnolia/admincentral-m5 ;-)