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Guidelines for adding labels to Magnolia wiki pages. Labels make it easy to find and discover content. But you must apply them thoughtfully.


One accurate label is better than many obscure labels. Suppose you create a page about the OpenSocial API. Add the label opensocial because it is the most accurate description of the page content. Don't add open because it can be applied to almost anything in the Magnolia world: OpenWFE, partner OpenMind, slogan "Yes, we're open" and so on. social is not a bad label if you want to add a macro that lists all pages with social tools.


Add labels that other users would also add. Have you seen the TV show Family Feud? It's a contest where two families compete against each other. They must name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Then add it as a label.


When a label has two or more words replace spaces with hyphens: inplace-templatingversion-handlerpublic-user-registration. Exceptions are terms that actually have an underscore such as mod_jk.

Max 2-3 labels / page

Use 2-3 labels per page max. If you need more labels then you are trying to cram too much content into one page. Create new pages, keeping each page focused on a single topic.


interview is better rather than interviewsevent is better than events.

No keyword stuffing

Don't use labels as a substitute for search keywords. While Confluence ranks labels higher than content, Google doesn't. Most of our search traffic comes from Google. Google looks at the page title and the first paragraph instead. Plant keywords in the page title and text. Labels are at bottom in the page HTML in a cluster that resembles keyword stuffing so they don't have a great impact on PageRank.

Content by label macro

Use the Content by label macro. It aggregates pages that have a particular label into a list. Nifty for providing links to related content as done on the right.

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