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What is the I18nresdoc Module?

The module allows the Magnolia editor to change messages of Java resource bundles. The name means i18n = internationalization, res = resource, doc = document.

How does it work?

It maps a Java resource bundle to a translation document. The documents are placed somewhere in your website tree. (They are automatically hidden from navigation). When you edit a translation document you only see a message they you should edit the document's properties. The properties dialog allows you to edit the messages in the currently selected language.

Step by step instructions

Configure a mapping for each resource bundle

Create the translation documents. One for each resource bundle.

Select the language, then edit the translation document

You specify only the messages you want to override. Only the non-empty messages are saved as properties of the translation document. If you leave the field empty the message from the resource bundle will be displayed on the website.

When you are done, activate the translation document and your messages will also be used on the Magnolia public instances. Don't forget to also activate the module's configuration.

Content translation support module

If you want to use the content translation support module, specify the class name com.eqs.magnolia.i18nresdoc.translation.AllNodeDataToTranslateFinder

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  1. Now available in git and nexus