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A brief guide to creating a patch for Magnolia CMS.


Finding Bugs

If you've found a bug (and perhaps already written a patch) read  How To Report a Bug for instructions on how to report the bug.

Fixing a Bug or Adding a Feature

If you'd like to fix a bug or add a feature, we encourage you to get in touch with the development team either via the help forum (if you want to discuss something with the broader community) or the development forum (if you want to focus more on discussions with the development team).

We feel this is especially important because development moves quickly and a given issue or potential resolution may:

  • already be fixed in a developer's local repository
  • have a resolution that includes re-architecting some part of the code
  • be caused by a dependency in the stack
  • have unintended consequences for other parts of the code

Making a Patch

You'll need to checkout a copy of the Magnolia source. Instructions on this are at Git usage.

To create a patch file from your modified version of the trunk, issue the following command from the root of the project:

git diff > MNGL-12345.patch

.. where ideally, MNGL-12345.patch the id of the JIRA issue this is about (or a descriptive name for the feature).

To send us the patch, attach it to the relevant issue in JIRA (or create a new issue.)

We can't guarantee that we'll accept patches submitted, but we do appreciate them all.



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