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A brief guide to reporting bugs and security issues in Magnolia CMS.


Reporting Bugs and Defects

Build your skills and reputation while improving Magnolia CMS

Making well-researched and high-quality bug reports are an excellent way to contribute to Magnolia while building your own skills and reputation.

Choosing the Right Project

If you know what JIRA project is appropriate for the bug, feel free to use it.

If you are uncertain, please put the issue in the Magnolia project. We watch this project most carefully and can then put the issue into the appropriate project for you.

Making high-quality bug reports

The better your bug report is researched and written, the faster the bug will be fixed.

The general process for reporting a bug is:

  1. Check the Magnolia documentation to see if the behavior you are experiencing is a known issue.
  2. Search the forums ( to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem.
  3. Browse or search our instance of JIRA ( to see if someone else has already reported the issue.
  4. If you are unsure of whether or not something is a bug, there are several ways you can try to be certain:
    1. Post on the forum and see what other users think.
    2. Attempt to reproduce the issue with a clean installation of Magnolia CMS.
    3. Attempt to reproduce the issue on the online demo (
  5. Once you are reasonably sure that the issue is a genuine bug, report it in our instance of JIRA.

Magnolia Support Customers

If you are a current Magnolia support customer, please review the documentation for getting support at 

Reporting Security Issues

If you find a security issue, don't report it in Jira where it becomes public knowledge and open to exploits. Send mail to instead. The Magnolia Support team will investigate and take appropriate action.

We take security seriously and aim to provide patches promptly. The best way to stay secure is to always keep your Magnolia CMS instances up-to-date.




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