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Attendees (of Magnolia)

Discussed points

  • Quick presentation of Find Bar and its API
  • Suggestion: "Show me the 3 last modified pages" as command
  • What about hot-keys? → It's planned!
  • Can we disable suppliers we don't want? → Yes, enabled: false in supplier config, whitelist functionality planned
  • Are filters customizable? → Not at the moment, designing a proper API is not trivial and should get reasonable attention. Will probably happen in the future though.
  • What about favorites? → They don't exist in M6 at this point. Might get a replacement.
  • Are wildcards supported by Find Bar? → Not per se, but custom suppliers could support it. Also, good input for the future.
  • What if there are no results? → You get an empty list. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
  • How does it perform/deal with many nodes? → Tested with many nodes, performs alright.
    • Find Bar will probably help customers with many nodes, also commands and shortcuts.
  • Are link field chooser dialogs searchable? → Not yet, good input!
  • Are access rights respected → Yes, workspace access rights as well as app launcher layout.
  • To audience: Do you generally prefer filtering or scrolling? → Filtering - "we want this!" ~ T. W.
    • Perhaps use JIRA query builder as a source of ideas.
    • Custom filters are useful for finding content based on fuzzy memory, e.g. only remembering some properties of an asset.
  • WIth regards to image recognition, what do customers have/need/want? → Some might want to avoid cloud services like Amazon Rekognition (data protection), others might be okay with it.
    • A Magnolia-based cloud image recognition service might be acceptable, more trustable.
  • Do you see real use cases for voice commands? → Maybe not, mostly just an accessibility feature.
  • To audience: Do you have any general ideas, inputs, opinions on AI/ML? → *silence*

(Private after-the-fact discussion)

  • What about i18n? Users in Germany often demand it.
    • Commands: Should not just understand English patterns. → Straightforward, define additional sniffers with just a different command Regex.
      • Perhaps worth looking into generalization.
    • Search: Not supported yet because full text search is unaware of Magnolia's i18n system ({{_xx}}). But should be looked into going forward.
    • Image recognition: Services generally report English labels. → Could proxy those and translate. Or use custom recognition service tagging based on i18n settings.

Main take-aways

  1. There's a strong demand for advanced filtering or querying.
  2. Some customers may prefer trusted or local image recognition services over the big ones.
  3. Hot-keys for navigation improving productivity are welcome.