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The External Links is an App which allows you to manage your external links and add them via component to a page. 


Magnolia CE/EE 5.3.6


  • Link Syntax Validation: Checks in the Dialog if the Link Syntax is valid (see Screenshots). For validation the Methods from Apache Commons are used ( The Methods are imported in the Module, there are no dependencies to other Jars.
  • Link Checker: after adding/editing a link and also available as a action, the URL is fetched and the response code is shown in the App. Bulk checks are possible. Following response codes are handled within the app and show icons:
    • 200 OK
    • 301 Moved Permanently
    • 401 Unauthorized
    • 403 Forbidden
    • 404 Not Found
    • 500 Internal Server Error

What is getting installed

  • A new Workspace (externallinks)
  • A new nodetype (externallink)
  • A Module (external-links-app)
  • A role (external-links-base) which gives access (RW) to the externallinks Workspace
  • A component. To use in your Project add external-links-app:components/externalLink
  • If enabled some sample content
  • A new point in the App Launcher (restricted to superuser)

What do you get

  • A new App on App-Laucher
  • Adding links or Folders with links in an App
  • A Component. Choose between a single link or a folder with links. When a folder is chosen, all links in the folder are displayed. Sub-Folders are ignored.
  • Full i18n (Author and Component)

What do you have to do after installation


  • You have to add the new workspace (externallinks) to your subscribers (/server/activation/subscribers). 


  • Anonymous Role: Add readOnly to "/" for the workspace "externallinks"  
  • Register the new Workspace in the Cache Module. Otherwise the cache does not get flushed after publishing a link or a folder with links.
    • Find those setting here: /modules/cache/config/configurations/default/flushPolicy/policies/flushAll/repositories. Add a property with name and value: externallinks

Supported author languages

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Français
  • Italiano





Download JAR

Download from Nexus

Bug Report/ Improvements

Please report bugs or improvements here:

Version History

Since there is no Module Update Handler yet, if you want to update to a new version, please delete the current installed module from the Config Workspace (Author and Public).


  • First Release


  • Fixed  EXTLINKS-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Better Link Syntax Validator
  • Link Checker
  • Sample Links



  • Markus Erdmann from esense for helpful hints and QA
  • Grégory Joseph from Magnolia for helping with Forge and Maven
  • Jan Haderka from Magnolia for his super groovy script, which allows to create apps very quickly:



GPLv3, according to;a=blob;f=pom.xml;h=d239ae1f47645306ba9caab73405641ed1a39e0b;hb=HEAD

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