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Efficient front-end development


Welcome to the 2018 Magnolia Developer Days and to this one-day workshop!

Developers like you who are used to scripting languages will learn how to define templates and configurations in Magnolia by working on the file system.

By the end of the day, you will have a fully working light module, a single-page website, and a simple content app.

Schedule and house rules

  • The training is scheduled to run from 09.00–17.00 with breaks.
  • Perform the exercise on your own or independently.
  • Please take time to follow each of the step or instructions.
  • If you're feeling stuck, please ask the trainer for assistance.
  • Again, take your time and enjoy!


Be familiar with Magnolia AdminCentral.

Learn about the various elements and their functions.


Get an overview of Light Development.

Learn about configuration by YAML file and its benefits.

Make use of Magnolia’s CLI tool to create templates.



Be able to transform a static HTML prototype to a dynamic page in Magnolia.

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