The tutorials in this section show how to create a running build of Magnolia CMS.


This tutorials in these page show you how to create a running build of Magnolia CMS:

Install IDEA

On the IntelliJ website download the appropriate IDEA version for your environment. Note that IntelliJ IDEA does not require plugins.

Set-Up Tips&Tricks

JRebel set-up for intelliJ

When working with IntelliJ JRebel might be very helpful. See Using JRebel.

IntelliJ & JUnit

If you have JUnit enabled and want to run JUnit-Tests from IntelliJ, proceed reading, otherwise skip.

Like many other things, there are some default-settings for JUnit in intelliJ. Go to Run > Edit Configurations > Defaults > JUnit.  There, check the field Working Directory. It's default value is the directory of your workspace. (see screenshot intelliJ-jUnit-defaults.png).

When running tests, usually you want to have your module as the working directory. To make sure that this works - independent of how you imported your modules - set the value of the field Working Directory  to $MODULE_DIR$ . (see screenshot intelliJ-jUnit-module-home.png).

You may also want to have a look at MAGNOLIA-5517 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


Additional information


To create a running build of Magnolia CMS, see the following tutorials:

  1. Working with IntelliJ IDEA and Git
  2. Create Runtime Configuration

Code Style Settings

Intellij IDEA