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This post is based on the post thanks to our dear friend Edwin.

(Download the attached Dockerfile and move into the directory that contains the file)

These are the list of commands I have used so far:

0) get familiar with Docker commands:
sudo docker --help

1) Build author and public images:
sudo docker build -t magnolia_author --build-arg MGNL_AUTHOR=true .
sudo docker build -t magnolia_public --build-arg MGNL_AUTHOR=false .

1.1) Verify that images were succesfully built:
sudo docker images

2) Create a network:
sudo docker network create --subnet= mgnlnet

2.1) Verify the network exists:
sudo network ls

3) Create instances (author and public) from the previous built images (the -v flag creates a bind container = shared resource between your machine and the container, its usage syntax would be the following: "-v PATH_OF_YOUR_MACHINE:PATH_OF_CONTAINER"), you will need to change the first path(/home/magnolia/IdeaProjects/6.2.19/light-modules/) of the -v before the ":", but not the second one (/opt/magnolia/light-modules)
sudo docker run -v /home/magnolia/IdeaProjects/6.2.19/light-modules/:/opt/magnolia/light-modules --rm -d -p 8080:8080/tcp --network mgnlnet --name mgnlauthor magnolia_author

sudo docker run --rm -d -p 8090:8080/tcp -v /home/magnolia/IdeaProjects/6.2.19/light-modules/:/opt/magnolia/light-modules
--network mgnlnet --name mgnlpublic magnolia_public

3.1) Verify the containers are up and running:
sudo docker ps

4) Access localhost:8080 (author) and localhost:8090(public) successfully:
Go to http://localhost:8080/.magnolia/admincentral and http://localhost:8090/.magnolia/admincentral

5) In order to being able to publish from the author to the public we need to change the public receiver configuration (I WAS NOT ABLE TO):

* publishing-core
    * config
        * receivers
            * mgnlpublic
                   url: http://mgnlpublic:8080

Some other [OPTIONAL] useful commands

sudo docker exec -it CONTAINER_ID /bin/sh => Enter into a container
 => then go to "cd /opt/tomcat/logs" to see the logs

sudo docker system prune -a => clean Docker


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