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This page shows how to create an AD in Azure. At first you need a Microsoft Account to create the AD. Once you have an account and logged in you can create your AD,  click on Azure Active Directory: 

Then click on "Create a directory" button: 

Select Azure Active as directory type: 

You´ll need an Organization nam, an Initial Domain name and a Region and then click on "Review + Create": 

If validation is passed, you are ready to create the directory: 

Now you have and Azure AD ready to use:

On the left column you will see all actions available for your Azure AD: 

Users & Groups

By Clicking in Users you can create users for your Directory: 

You can create groups and assign users to the groups, to allow SSO between Magnolia and Azure you need security groups instead of Office 365 groups, on this screen you can add users to this group :

Connecting Azure AD with Magnolia

After crate users and groups, you are ready to register an Application to allow connect Magnolia and Azure AD:

  1. On left column click on App registrations.
  2. Click on register an application
  3. Give a name
  4. Select Accounts in this organizational directory
  5. On platform configuration select "Web API" 

After you click on Register, you will see this screen: 

In the previous screen you will see the cliend ID and the directory ID. 

After all these steps you will follow the tutorial Howto: SSO Connector with Azure AD

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