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InnoDB is the default storage engine for the MySQL database since version 5.5. For prior versions MyISAM was the default.

Here's a procedure to convert tables from MyISAM to InnoDB in an existing Magnolia CMS installation:

  1. Backup your database.
  2. Create the script.
    1. The following command will create a MySQL dump

      $ mysqldump <DATABASE_NAME> | sed -e 's/^) ENGINE=MyISAM/) ENGINE=InnoDB/' > <DATABASE_NAME>_innodb.sql
    2. Next,replace all the Storage ENGINE=MyISAM with ENGINE=InnoDB.

    3. Next, write the output to <DATABASE_NAME>_innodb.sql. Be sure to change <DATABASE_NAME> as it fits.

  3. Run the script. This command will load the dump file we created in the last step.

    $ mysql -e "source <DATABASE_NAME>_innodb.sql" <DATABASE_NAME>
  4. Verify it by running this command in MySQL:

    mysql> show table status;

For more information see:

For how to select the InnoDB storage engine for MySQL on a new Magnolia CMS installation see Setting up Jackrabbit persistence manager.