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Help wanted!

If you have some time on your hands and like what you see, why not participate and make Magnolia even better? There are many ways you can support us: spread the word, write code, or simply share time, knowledge or funds with us. We need you!

Answer questions on the mailing lists

Even if you just got started with Magnolia, you might know more than the person asking a question. You are very welcome to share your knowledge on our forum.

Write documentation

If you like to write documentation and have some time on your hands, there are many issues that need documenting. If you have learned something, write it down and share it. No need to get fancy with graphics and stuff. A small how-to in plain text is a good start. If you had to write documentation for your users, your IT department or your grandma, why not share it with the rest of the Magnolia community? They might have grandmas, too.

Translate the user interface

Magnolia CMS comes with an internationalized UI. This allows users to choose the interface language they want. Even if you do not have the ambition to completely translate Magnolia CMS, you might have time to add a couple of translations or correct erroneous ones in your own language. We run the internationalization effort as a community project so please come and help out!

Report bugs

If you use Magnolia CMS and find a bug, report it in the Jira bug tracker. Make sure it's a bug and not simply a configuration issue. Check the bug tracker to see if it has been reported before. Add it to the bug tracker if no one else has done so.

If you find a security bug, send mail to instead. It is better to report security issues in private than broadcast them in public. For the protection of our clients, Magnolia does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has been conducted and any necessary patches or releases are available.

If you don't know whether something is a bug or a configuration issue, check the forum for similar problems. If in doubt, post it on the forum and, if the general agreement is that it is a bug, add it to the issue tracker.

Writing bug reports is a fantastic way to contribute to a project, and we are very thankful for each well written bug report. The better your report is researched and written, the faster the bug will be fixed.

Of course you are also welcome to download the latest code from Git and test it.

Spread the word!

If you like Magnolia CMS, one way to help us is to promote us - spread the word. Here are a couple of ideas.

Report Magnolia CMS sites and success stories

If you have built a website with Magnolia CMS let us know about it - we will add you to the growing list of references.

Write about Magnolia CMS

If you have the possibility to write an article about Magnolia, do so. Publish it on your blog, your website or in a magazine. Let us know about it, we will be sure to promote your work.

Talk about Magnolia

You are a conference speaker? Great! Talk about Magnolia CMS - even if you only mention it, you will help Magnolia to gain more popularity. Of course, you are also welcome to speak about the system on the radio or the TV. If all else fails, talk to your dog. It is unlikely to significantly promote Magnolia but maybe it helps.

Link to Magnolia

You have created a website with Magnolia or simply like what we do? Link to us! You can download the Magnolia logo or simply put a link on your web page. Of course we are also happy if you let us know about your Magnolia site so that we can link to you.

Other ideas? Let us know! Are you the creative type? Share your wicked ideas of promoting Magnolia with us!

Write Code!

Code contributions in its various forms are very welcome - check our list of ideas!

For all code contributions, we require that you sign the Contribution License. It's easy, safe and you get to use a machine that was invented more than 160 years ago - the fax machine, patented in 1843. (Of course you can also use the even older postal service, first established in China 900 BC.)

Create patches

If you found a bug you are welcome to fix it. Once you have made sure that it actually fixes the problem, attach it to the appropriate issue in the issue tracker where one of the committers will take care of it.

To create a patch file from your modified version of the trunk, issue the following command from the root of the project:

svn diff > myfix.patch

.. where ideally, myfix would actually be a self-descriptive name of what you're patching, or the id of the Jira issue this is about.

Share your paragraph templates

If you have programmed a nice custom paragraph that might be useful either as an example or "as is", think about sharing it with others. You only need to provide the code and a description.

Share site templates

You might have designed a really nice site and don't mind that others take it as a starting point? Why not upload the complete site templates to the wiki?

Develop modules

You can develop List of modules. Modules are meant to extend the Magnolia core and use the module API. Go to the Forge and register your project.

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