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Main Discussion

  • Situation:
    • None of pages or stories app create a real blog post, they both create pages
      • URLs may need tweaking for blog entries
      • Overview pages needed for blogpost
      • Part of a regular tree structure, need a timeline
      • Blog posts usually don't change (are not updated)
    • Everybody is building their own blog solutions
    • Original Magnolia's blog module doesn't exist anymore
    • Blog should be CORE, it's just content management

  • Ideal case: no folder structure for blogs, filters on times, tags, authors, etc.

  • Magnolia should provide all flexibility to build blogs:
    • Difficult to cover all use cases out of the box
    • But adding some Java to the blog content app for filtering & storing

  • Goal to release a npm / light module for blogs soon
    • demo of Michal
      • Front-end using vue.js & FTL
      • Author: dedicated app & stories app for individual entries
    • should be a base for the community to build the specific use cases on it

  • Commenting would be relevant too
    • usually a third party integration nowadays (e.g. Disqus)

Side Discussion

  • Stories app is lacking i18n
    • part of the roadmap