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Has to be revisited

Only sketches and storyboards exist, not specified yet


For every asset, I can get an overview over its renditions and where these are used. The asset and its renditions can be seen and treated as a group of items - e.g. I can move or delete them all at once. I can also request a preview of both the original and all renditions.

I can create additional renditions of an asset. A built-in editor allows me to perform most common operations on the asset such as cropping an image or adding transitions to a movie file. Changing or creating a rendition always leaves the original asset untouched and only changes a copy of it.

Alternatively, I can also select an existing item of the same type as an existing asset and declare it a rendition of the latter - it will then get added to the list of renditions of that asset and will be treated as such.

(I can update an existing asset, but that launches a work flow, which requires me to verify each of its renditions. I can only take the update live once if I've acknowledged every rendition. If a rendition no longer fits, I can also edit it before acknowledging it. I can, of course, check the pages the renditions are used on to ensure that all looks great and works out well.)

I can delete a rendition from a page by just removing it everywhere it's being used on that page. This only removes the references to the rendition and does not delete the rendition itself.

I can also delete a rendition itself in AdminCentral. That's only allowed if it is no longer referenced by any page. If a rendition is still being used when I attempt to delete it, I get an error message.

I can delete an asset as soon as all its renditions have been removed. As long as at least one rendition exists and is in use, I may mark the asset as deprecated, but I can't remove it.

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