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  • Viewing digital assets in a folder structure
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Has to be revisited

Distinction between asset and rendition too strong


I can browse organize my digital assets using folders. A special view then allows me to browse them using a tree. I can also search the assets from there using a simple text search, but can additionally apply more complex filters such as a filter on the media format used to store the content.

Description of desired behavior

The folder structure view

The folder structure view uses a tree to visualize the entire hierarchy of folders set up to organize assets. Note that whether this view is actually available or not depends on whether the asset set it shows supports folders. If an asset set does not support folders, the view selector must not only disable, but actually hide the button for selecting the folder structure view. The view also has the same characteristics as the list view in that it only shows the assets in a single asset set due to the fact that every asset is contained in at least one asset set and views are restricted to show one particular asset set only.

The folder structure view does support showing the renditions of an asset in the exact same way as the list view does. It also knows how to display additional details on a selected rendition. It does not, however, support showing renditions only.

Search and filter the list of assets

The search function available in the folder structure view is actually the exact same as the one available in the list view. If you start a search, the view changes to the list view and displays the results. The interface thus shall expose the exact same features and functionality.

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