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Has to be revisited

Distinction between asset and rendition too strong


Magnolia may display all my digital assets in a grid using thumbnail images. As is the case when viewing assets as a list, this shows all assets in all folders at once. I can search the grid using a text, but can also apply additional filters to restrict what is being shown to e.g. only include assets which are currently published.

By default, the grid shows all digital assets. Alternatively, I may switch it to show me the all renditions of all assets instead. I may select a particular rendition, get a preview and additional details such as the format it's using to store the media content. I also get a list of actions allowing me to directly work with and on the rendition much as I can do it in the list view.

Description of desired behavior

The thumbnail view

The thumbnail view uses a grid to show little thumbnail images for every asset. As is the case with the list view, the thumbnail view does not show any folders, but always shows ALL assets available in one particular asset set. Here too, showing a grid of thumbnail images from all asset sets is not supported.

Showing only the renditions

The thumbnail view does not support UX:showing the renditions of an asset, but you can switch it to show the renditions only as is illustrated in the mockup below.

Similarly to the list view, you may select an asset, then switch the view to list the renditions - by default, all renditions of that asset will then get selected. Vice versa, if you select a rendition, then toggle the view to show the assets, the asset your rendition belongs to will get selected automatically.

Search and filter the assets

The same search function available in the list view is available for the thumbnail view as well. A simple text filter searches on the name of the asset in case the grid shows mainly assets, and on rendition names if it shows renditions. Advanced search queries can be constructed as well, allowing to filter by type, format and various other attributes defined in the meta data of an asset.

Note that since assets are grouped by asset sets, a search is always only run on the assets (or renditions) in one particular asset set. You may not search all assets or renditions of all asset sets in one go.

Filter list by site

The advanced search settings of the thumbnail view allow to restrict the grid to only show assets or renditions of a particular site. This largely depends on how multi-sites are configured in a setup; if site definitions exist, such a filter shall be available as well.

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