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This sections contains scenarios describing how Magnolia 5 is intended to be used to achieve certain tasks. Each scenario is divided into three parts:

  • Story: describes what the user wants to achieve. It is written in every-day language and from the perspective of a user.
  • Description of desired behavior: defines in much detail, what the interface has to offer and how it should work to ensure that the behavior captured in the user story is met.
  • Mockups: conceptual, visual solutions for the behavior description.

Although visual, our mockups are still conceptual only in the sense that they clearly show the chosen solution and define all needed interface elements, they also position these elements in a chosen layout, but actual web design is still missing - icons and colors are not defined and even the layout could be altered still. But a mockup has to be consistent and demonstrate the inner workings of the chosen solution or show different possible solutions to the problem at hand.

Our development team takes all of these three elements and tries to match these with the technical possibilities offered by the chosen web development framework - in case of Magnolia 5, this is Vaadin. During this process, we might discover that the desired behavior is too hard to achieve or that the web development framework offers an alternate solution that might work just as well as the one we set out to implement. We then decide on the spot, how we want to proceed, often without updating these wiki pages describing the original idea. After all, the pages here are a start and are not intended to document the finally implemented solution.

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